Before you start

Cohort isn't a single app or platform. It's a flexible and modular toolkit. This is useful because you can use for many kinds of experiences, but the downside is obvious: it's hard to know where to start!

This page will walk you through a quick demo of the simplest possible Cohort usage: using our admin website to cue a single sound on an audience-facing website.

If you decide to use Cohort for a project, some next steps might be:

  • building a website for your audience, or customizing our example, to cue your own audio files
  • customizing our iOS and Android app template (built in Unity), to access more advanced features like video cues and push notifications
  • firing your cues from QLab or Isadora instead of our admin site, to better integrate with the rest of your production
  • running Cohort Server on a show computer instead of on a server

The Downloads page has links to all our templates, applications, and code, along with instructions. But let's get oriented first!

Step 1

Step 2

Login with these demo credentials.
Username: demouser
Password: demodemo

Feel free to experiment here, but note it's a shared demo account and you may see cues from others.

Step 3

After logging in, you should see the Events* page with a Demo Sound Event already listed. Click the "Details" button next to it.

*In Cohort terms, an Event is a repeatable audience experience, analogous to a theatre production. An Event holds sound and video files, and cues to control them.

Step 4

You should now see an Occasions* list with a Cohort Rehearsal pre-populated. Click the Cohort Rehearsal button.

*In Cohort terms, an Occasion is a specific instance of an Event, analogous to an individual performance or rehearsal.

Step 5

Now we're inside our Cohort Rehearsal occasion. This occasion may appear in one of two states: open or closed. Because demouser is a shared account it may have been left in either of these states*. To send/receive cues the occasion must be open. If the occasion is closed, go ahead and click "Open Occasion". If the occasion is already open, move to the next step.

*Opening and closing occasions is like opening and closing the doors to your show.

Closed state

Image of closed state of occasion.

Open state

Image of open state of occasion.

Step 6

With the Cohort Rehearsal open, you're set up to send cues from this interface. Now we need to create a recipient. Click "Show QR Code". Grab a phone and, using its regular camera app, scan the QR code provided in the open occasion. Click the link to our events landing page that pops up as a result of the scan, and confirm you have your volume on.

Step 7

Keep that open, and head back to your admin panel (either on a different device, or in a different tab). You are now ready to fire the cue by dragging the slider all the way to the right.