Web Client

Cohort's Web Client allows you the ability to create web based experiences that can receive cued actions.

OSC Bridge

Cohort's OSC bridge allows for communication between a Cohort application and another piece of software that can send/receive OSC messages (such as QLab or Isadora).

Unity Client

The Unity Client allows you to integrate Cohort functionality within your Unity project and more easily create apps for both iOS and Android.

Cohort Server

The Cohort Server acts as the guts of the operation, allowing you to control and talk to your devices. This acts as the middle-man between your cueing source (QLab, Isadora, or our admin website) and smartphone(s). We host a server in the cloud for general use, development, and workshopping. If you take a Cohort show into production, you'll probably want to run a dedicated server in the cloud or on a show computer — contact us for help with this step.