Cohort is a code framework that helps artists & activitists use smartphones to run interesting events for groups of people. The project is administered by adelheid dance projects.

Cohort has been used on projects like:

  • LOT X: an indoor+outdoor full-length contemporary dance work
  • Café Sarajevo: an immersive, participatory theatre work
  • FluxDelux: a fully-accessible live multiplayer dance game
  • Overhear: a multi-city 'pod-play' where audiences hear real-life stories while being guided around a city
  • Jacqueries: a parkour-inspired immersive heist story

About Cohort

Cohort is maintained by Jacob Niedzwiecki. It consists of a Node+Express server and client packages for iOS (ObjC & Swift), web (JS), and Unity (C#). Sound, video, and AR content can be cued on clients from QLab or the Cohort web platform. Features currently under development include push notifications, geolocation, and VR/360 video.

Who's Who at Cohort

  • Jacob Niedzwiecki: Lead Developer
  • Nabeel Kassam: Producer/Project Manager
  • Luke Garwood: Assistant Developer
  • Amanda Baker: Quality Assurance

Using Cohort

For people who code

If you're a technical kind of person, head over to our GitHub repository to get started.

For people who don't

Reach out to us on Twitter! We're actively working to make Cohort more accessible to non-coders.

Code links and Documentation